Steam Leaderboards and more in Patch 1.0.2!

With this patch, we not only bring you slight improvements but we also added a Steam Leaderboard to the game. Also, we've reworked parts of our HUD to improve the player feedback on the snowball mechanism.

New Features

  • Refined the entire HUD
    • Added a UI element that shows the snowball cooldown
    • Added a similar UI element for the candy cane cooldown
    • The timer is now always being displayed
  • Added a steam leaderboard that tracks the playthrough time


  • Slightly improved bottom left part of level 15
  • Slightly improved top right corner of level 14


  • Fixed an issue with the level win sound/animation where the player could still move
  • Fixed an issue with the settings menu not working after finishing a game
  • Fixed an issue with overlapping music under some circumstances
  • Fixed an issue with the splash screen rendering on non-default aspect ratios

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