Patch v1.1.0: Major UI, Graphics and Gameplay enhancements

This patch provides tons of Gameplay and UI improvements as well as a first-level preview for the upcoming GOTD (Game-of-the-decade) edition.

New Features

  • Rework menu and hud entirely
  • Add the first level of the new campaign “GOTD-Edition”
  • Add framework for unlockables
  • Add more soundtracks and sound effects to improve immersion and Christmas mood
  • Add savegame management to enable continuing the game from a previous state
  • Add scores and statistics
  • Add new animations for Santa
  • Add credits screen
  • Add several new props
  • Add weather effects


  • Made Santa control scheme more direct
  • Improved balancing and playability for all levels
  • Improve visuals and sounds when teleporting
  • Make settings accessible in-game
  • Improve and update splash screen
  • Improve overall menu experience
  • Actually, make the “Grinch” Elf behave as designed
  • Improve rendering performance
  • Improve camera


  • Fixed an issue with button triggering
  • Fixed an issue with disappearing animations

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