Version v0.1.2 improves Gameplay and fixes bugs for Mac/Linux

Update 0.1.2 of Naughty Gnomes brings you a few of improvements and bugfixes as well as some gameplay improvement inspired by the feedback over at LDJAM#38.

Update 0.1.1

  • Fixed issue on Mac and Linux that was caused when the "Arial" font was not installed
  • Improved performance of the confetti particle effect

Update 0.1.2

  • Fixed an issue with the shadow boxes blocking the "winning" spotlight
  • Adjusted the cooldowns of the "cake-throw" and "partyhorn" ability
  • Implemented the possibility to skip the tutorial text by hitting "SPACE"
  • Added the "partyhorn" ability to the hud

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May 02, 2017 3.7 MB
May 02, 2017 3.7 MB
May 02, 2017

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