v0.5.0-beta - "Farewell, Alpha!"


As of today, we end the four year-long LITIENGINE alpha, spanning a total of 17 feature-packed releases. Simultaneously, LITIENGINE hits its first beta release v0.5.0-beta, marking a magnificent milestone for us.

What once started as an overly ambitious hobby project of two naive brothers seeking to create their own video game, is now one of the most successful Java 2D game engines on the market - despite being in early access! Our hearts are filled with joy seeing how popular LITIENGINE has become and we want to thank you from the bottom of our heart.

To celebrate the prosperity of LITIENGINE and as a big thank you to our supporters, we have completely remade the LITIENGINE website from scratch. It is now a well-designed, streamlined experience that guides users to the most important points of interest more naturally. With everything designed to be maximally self-contained, we are also no longer hosting the documentation, JavaDocs, and Download page externally: The LITIENGINE website thus has become a purposeful and holistic hub for everything related to our favourite software.

We are convinced that LITIENGINE's user base and relevance will keep growing and there are some thrilling years ahead of us. If you're not already part of the LITIENGINE family, join our lovely community and explore the exciting features of our new website and LITIENGINE's first beta release.

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litiengine-sdk-v0.5.0-beta-linux-mac.zip 11 MB
Aug 16, 2020
litiengine-sdk-v0.5.0-beta-win.zip 11 MB
Aug 16, 2020


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