0.6.0: "Trick or Treat!"

Surprise! After a quiet period of not releasing a new engine version since January 2022, we proudly present LITIENGINE 0.6.0. This is a release packed mostly with invisible infrastructure changes and refactorings, but also enhanced documentation, tests, and important bugfixes.

There had been some crucial problems in our build and deploy toolchain, which prevented us from releasing new versions for quite a while, but these problems have been resolved and now we are even releasing nightly snapshot builds for you to test out the latest changes!

You may have noticed the versioning of LITIENGINE has changed too. Instead of e.g. v0.5.2-beta, we are now using plain semantic versions for stable releases (starting with this release 0.6.0) and a modified git describe variant (e.g. 0.5.2-166-gb2e597fe-SNAPSHOT/) for snapshot versions.

Since the last release, we have updated to a more recent Java version several times, and recently we have finally moved to the new LTS version Java 21. That means you can now use all the new cutting-edge Java features in your LITIENGINE games!

Of course, we want to thank all our contributors, sponsors, users, and community members for keeping LITIENGINE alive even when we maintainers get lazy. You are the heart of this project!

The LITIENGINE library 0.6.0 is ready for consumption already, please stand by while we get the utiLITI packages for windows, mac, and linux ready.


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